Sponsored Rider - KP Performance Horses

We are thrilled to introduce KP Performance Horses: Katrina, Peyton and Tia, a very warm welcome ladies to the 2022 team of PWRA Sponsored Riders! 
Katrina has established herself and her business; KP Performance Horses, in Pittsworth SEQ. From Re Training Off the Track Thoroughbreds, educating horses, training numerous students & also competing throughout Queensland at Agricultural Shows, PCAQ & EA Events.
She has been involved in competitive equestrian sports for 30 years, primarily in the sport of Dressage, Hacking & Showjumping. She is currently preparing for another busy Show Season in which she will travel throughout SE Queensland & Northern NSW to numerous Agricultural Shows, PCQ & Equestrian Australia Affiliated Events. Katrina has worked extremely hard to reach the championship level of competition she currently enjoys.
Peyton first time on a horse was at three weeks of age & now at only 11 years old Peyton has shown a natural talent in the saddle. Peyton has already won countless ribbons including numerous Broad Sashes. Katrina plans to give Peyton every opportunity within the Equestrian Field and hopes that Peyton’s passion and ability continues to grow throughout the years.
Peyton has been accepted to St Ursula’s Collage in Toowoomba in 2023 for her High Schooling. Peyton will be apart of St Ursula’s Equestrian Team & is very much looking forward to campaigning at Interschool’s Competitions throughout QLD & NSW.
Tia Adams came to KP Performance Horses after returning from her deployment in Afghanistan with the Australian Defence Force in late 2015.
Tia was born in Tasmania in 1995 where she was brought up on a hobby farm and started riding before she could walk. Her mother Katrine and her father Clint also spent many hours working on the horses, their days consisted of breaking horses in for clients, re training Off the Track Thoroughbreds to sell on and then also training and exercising the competition horses. All this was done in-between full time jobs that both her parents had and Tia going through school.
Tia’s whole life has been revolved around the competition circle, mostly One Day Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage, the racing industry but then also doing some Showing when possible.

Tia holds most of her titles within One Day Events, Show Jumping and Dressage. 2011 Tia was The Grade 2 State Champion Eventer and then again in 2012 the following year on the same horse. This same horse continued on to winning dressage Championship and showjumping Championship too.
Make sure to follow Katrina's, Peyton's and Tia's journey via their Instagram: @kp_performancehorses or Facebook @KP Performance Horses.