Maddison Collins

Maddison Collins
How long have you been riding, and what disciplines do you participate in?
I have been riding for 12 years now. I regularly compete in dressage, western dressage, ASHS show classes, stockman’s challenges and more! 
Can you share a memorable experience or achievement from your time as a horse rider?
My most memorable experience was very recent, trotting down the entry centerline of my first Medium dressage test on Kyalla Autumn Night. I have had Willow since she was 3, and it was so surreal to be riding a horse that I developed myself. 
What are your goals and aspirations in your equestrian journey?
My biggest aspiration is to be a strong image of positive dressage at the top level. The horse's wellbeing and happiness is my top priority! I also love to help other riders and their horses along each of their individual journeys, and this is a huge goal of mine into the future. I have just recently made an exciting step towards this goal, by launching ‘Maddison Collins Dressage’, my training and coaching business. 
What is your must-have Peter William item and why?
I love all of my Peter Williams, but my must-have items are the Cambridge Breeches in White, Tamworth Pants in White and the Madaline Long Sleeve Shirt. PWRA has been spot on with the design of these items. They perfectly combine comfort with class. When I need to look competition or clinic ready, you will always find me wearing Peter Williams.

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