Sponsored Rider - Tamara Patch

Tamara has chosen to follow her passion and love of horses and turn it into a full-time career; training, breaking, lessons and competing horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes. Having grown up in a horse-oriented family she soon found comfort in the saddle and in her Peter Williams jodhpurs and then breeches as she grew older. Tamara has had success and competed at State, National and International levels in many disciplines including Hacking, Eventing, Showjumping, Pony Club including Mounted Games, Gymkhana’s and is always looking for a new challenge.


The adrenaline rush and high from eventing has Tamara hooked. It’s easier to perfect one, but 3 phases (dressage, cross country and showjumping) is hard and challenging. She competes around the place taking her team of horses (typically 3 or 4 as that is all the truck can fit) to each comp. However, she normally does this alone with no strapper unless she can convince her husband Todd, or her mum Sue, to get time off work to follow her around the country. Tamara’s best tip is being organised. She follows a strict run sheet at every event. Yes, a little OCD that’s for sure! But it works, and she always has herself and horses looking like they are about to go into the show ring as she prides herself on looking amazing every time she goes out, also credit must go to Horzehoods and Earlwood hoods keeping the plaits looking fresh and intact.  



Tamara has a young team of horses including a 12.3hh pony named Bredon PeeKay and she has taken the hearts of pretty much everyone that meets her. She loves being the centre of attention, but also has the moves and ability when it comes to competing. She has done extremely well in hacking and has also claimed a spot on the truck when she heads out eventing. Tamara loves thoroughbreds and has been very successful this year with a first season mare, Miss Marmalade a home bred 5yr(2013) who has already jumped the grades to 95cm with success. Also a 6yr(2012) off the track mare, Mumma Mia has got Tamara excited for her future, showing a lot of potential for the bigger tracks starting the year in 80cm, currently competing in a very competitive 105cm and ready to jump up the grades shortly.


What excites Tamara more than anything is training young horses, the connection, respect and trust that is formed with them is beautiful. She says it’s not all about winning the blue ribbon as things may not go to plan every weekend, but seeing the progress and reward from your training is priceless. She has got a few young horses waiting in the wings to come into work for the upcoming seasons.  


Peter Williams Riding Apparel, Earlwood & Horzehoods have supported Tamara and her team of horses not only at competitions but day to day life. Being able to stick the slippery breaker or able to move freely without being uncomfortable or rubbing in places things shouldn’t rub is why Tamara proudly is sponsored and wears only Peter Williams Riding Apparel.


'Ride it like you stole it.' Are some of Tamara's favourite words.