Sponsored Rider - Melissa Rose


Mr Pittown (Billy) retired OTTB 28 years old

Mr Flashdance (Freddy) OTTB 18 years old, used for Ready Set Trot Program at Facility

Mr Potato Head (Moo)  OTTB 10 years old, currently competing Preliminary and Novice Dressage, Jumping 60cm

San Costa WD (Costa) Warmblood, 8 years old, I have owned him for 2 months, will be competing at Pan Pacific Masters Games in November on the Gold Coast, Competes Novice and Elementary Dressage

My favourite achievement is the one coming up, qualifying for the Adult Amateur Dressage Championships at QSEC in September. I have been trying for two years and I finally am going. I am super proud of Moo and myself.


My equestrian idol is Gillian Rolton, not just because she won two gold medals at 1992 and 1996 Olympics, it was because of her attitude and her persistence in achieving her goals whilst being supportive of others. It is something I strive towards, putting myself in positions of success but always being a good sport and being mindful of others despite my own goals. To me, that is what sport  is all about, even in an individual sport such as Dressage or Jumping. I really believe that helping others achieve their goals can be as good as reaching your own.

I got into horses because when I was four years old I asked for a pony. I didn’t stop asking for a whole year and I finally had Beau, a 14.2 Bay Stock Horse come into my life. It shows that persistence pays off I guess!

I can still remember coming down the back steps of our house and seeing a horse standing in the backyard with my parents. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. I pulled a lemon off a tree and offered it to him to eat. Although he was not impressed, I fell in love instantly.

My Number 1 tip: “Be the rider your horse needs you to be”

My Favourite saying: “Make Time; not Excuses”

Oh boy, my favourite PW item. I am not just saying this but they are all so wonderful and comfortable and I feel like a Princess when I am wearing them.

I really like the La Grange Breeches, they are stretchy and high quality and breathable material. I rode with these at Summerland Dressage Club and it had to have been 90% humidity and I didn’t feel over hot in them. They move with me, not against me and I feel that they are like a second skin without being too tight. They are flattering to wear also, they make me look wonderful and I feel beautiful when I wear them.

Have a wonderful day! Mel x