Sponsored Rider - Lisa Holohan

Hi, I'm Lisa Holohan from Holovale Arabians up here in Sunny QLD.  

Holovale Arabians is made up of Myself, Darian Wise and the ever patient husband Gary.(Chief financier)

   Gary & Lisa

We show both Purebred Arabians and Derivitives in both the show ring as well as a bit of dressage and the odd trail ride to keep the horses fresh and not bored.  We train weekly with Tor Van Den Berge as well to keep us on the right track!

  Darian Wise

Favourite Achievement - That's a hard one.... Maybe winning my first Australian Championship with my home bred, broken in and trained by me, Anglo Gelding, Holovale Practical Magic.  Or winning an Australian Championship on Holovale Dynamite (also home bred, broken and trained by me) 5 years after the vets thought he wouldn't last another year!

Proudest Moment -  Watching Darian win the very prestegious 2018 Derivitive Young Horse Under Saddle on my home bred Arabian Warmblood in Sydney.  I also taught Darian to ride when she was 8 so to see her grow over the years and take on my freshly broken in horse after I had a serious accident last year and continue onto this.... PRICELESS!  I cried so much when they won.


Equestrian Idol -  I have many!  Charlotte Dujardin - to watch her talent on a horse is breathtaking.  Closer to home, Terry Cowan, Vince Corvi and Tor Van Den Berge - without the knowledge of these men over the years, we would never of dreamed of even competing, let alone doing as well as we have been lucky enough to do over the years.

How I got into horses - When my mum married my step father when I was 10, we moved to acreage and my mum rescued two horses from the knackery.  We knew nothing about horses but I had been obsessed with them long before then, which was weird as I had had nothing to do with horses.  Every school project was on horses, I had EVERY horse book, and then when we got the rescues, that was it!  My mum worked her butt off to buy my first pony when I was 11.  I received her for Christmas and she promptly ran me into a tree and gave me concussion.  Couldn't stop me getting back on and she taught me to ride, the hard way!


No 1 Tip - Always be kind and supportive to others. A smile or encouraging word can make someone's day. You never know what it has taken for some people to get on that horse, ride at a show etc....

Favourite PW Products: 

For Work: My Gel Seat Pull Ons. Super comfortable - even on the naughtiest horse, I don't move in the saddle, and no rubbing like some other gel seat jods!

For the Show Ring: My High Waisted Dressage Breeches - they are really comfy and flattering and hold in all the bits women worry about!

For the Horses: The Earlwood Zip Hoods - awesome fit, cotton, and hold the plaits in perfectly!

Favourite saying - can I have a few?

"My goal is not to be better than anyone else, just to be better than I was yesterday"

"Shorter reins, Longer arms!" - Got that one from Terry Cowan and use it all the time!!

Darian would say its a tie between that one  OR " Whats the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!" OR "THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS CAN'T!"  LOL   

Lisa, signing off! xx