Winston struts his stuff at Sydney Royal for the Finemores!

08TH Jul, 2021

Winston struts his stuff at Sydney Royal for the Finemores!

Scott & Maryanne Finemore have been showing horses together as a family for 20 years. They have shown in various disciplines from Hacks, Show Hunters, Ponies, Australian Stock Horses, Clydie Crosses and the last few years, Harness Horses.

Scott & Maryanne share their journey with Winston and tell us how the Peter Williams Stock Horse Pants suit the heavy horse discipline, not just the stock horse ring!

"Winston is a Welsh Clydesdale cross gelding who is 15 years young. We have owned Winston for the past 3 years. We purchased him for Scott to drive and show. Scott has had a dream of being able to show a heavy horse in Harness for the past 30 years as a result of a friendship with Peter Cox .

Kevin Collins bred, trained and showed Winston as a young horse very successfully and we are very thankful for his great horsemanship in producing Winston.

Clydesdale crosses are usually bred for break horses because of their size and temperament.

Winston & PW Stock Horse Pants

Winston is mainly used as a break horse, driven in a Long Shaft traditional brake. This vehicle is used for breaking in driving horses to harness. The long shaft brake is sturdy and strong so that a young horse on the side is kept away from the driver and is in a safe position for training up beside the break horse in the shafts.

Winston & PW Stock Horse Pants

Winston also competes in led Clydesdale cross classes, and has also been ridden side-saddle and in costume classes at various shows.

Winston & PW Stock Horse Pants

Our show long shaft brake was purchased from Peter Cox 10 years ago, along with a set of Heavy Horse delivery harness. The brake was restored 3 years ago by Kevin Collins and also a second brake as well which we use a work vehicle."


We asked Maryanne a little about how you train a heavy horse, and how our PW Stock Horse Pants suit their discipline:

"Winston is very good at keeping in good condition, therefore he is brought into working slowly, by lunging for 20 minutes a day for the first couple of weeks, for fitness and muscle build up. We then put him in the cart with our up-and-coming young horse Churchill on the side of the brake.

Photo credit to Kathryn Potempski for sidesaddle and led picture

Our clothing for showing in is traditional Australian clothing used for the purpose and practicality of working with horses. Comfort, style and appearance are important in the right clothes. The PW stock horse pants fit into that category. The long shaft brake turnout class is all about overall appearance and the manners and paces for the horses.

As we progress, we are looking forward to showing Winston as we have been and bringing our young horses to show, and enjoying it as a family."


Maryanne reviews the Stock Horse Pants:

We have been using the Peter Williams Stock Horse pants for the last 2 years, and only use these pants at shows, and would like to see a white pair added to your collection.

We use them showing Australian Stock horses, Clydie Cross and Heavy Harness horses. The fit and style are great. We love the high waist.

The durability is also great and very comfortable to wear in all disciplines. These pants wash very well, even after a full weekend riding. Great design and flattering look.

And because they're available in Men's and Ladies, Scott and Maryanne can coordinate their outfits for a smart, matching look!

*Photo credit to Kathryn Potempski for sidesaddle and led picture.

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  • Jo Becker: August 10, 2021

    Great explanation of what is involved in showing in harness at that level- clear and concise! Well done to the Finemore family and all conections and of course the lovely and versatile Winston!!

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