The Importance Of Self Care - The Mane Edition

01TH Apr, 2020

Mane plaiting under horse hoods
The Importance of Self Care
In these difficult times, we worry a lot about what's happening around us and what will happen in the future, but how much time do we take to actually look after ourselves in the here and now?
Here at Peter Williams Riding Apparel, we are reminding you not to forget to look after yourself in the meantime!

For the general public, this could be simple things like spending more time with your immediate family and taking some time out away from doom and gloom screens to relax and read a book, or do some gardening etc.

For us, as equestrians facing the cancellation of shows all around the country, we suggest some more equine related things as these are often the activities that relax us horsey types. Over the next few weeks, we will bring you a few different suggestions of activities you can easily do at home.


This weekend:

Instead of rushing through the grooming with a quick brush, take a bit of extra time to brush out the mane. Hunt around and see what products you have that you could wash or spray the mane with to help you detangle and add shine, or call your local saddlery and ask them for their advice on product selection and shop local for some products.

Once you have it silky and knot free, practice plaiting the mane - shows will be back on soon enough, and how cool would it be if you have become skilled at these things by then? 

If you're just never going to become an awesome equine hairdresser (my hand is up here), then at least you may have helped your horse tolerate the process better by practicing, which will in turn make it much easier for the next person you get to plait for you.

Your horse will thank you for the extra attention and so will your calmed mind!


Tammy & 'Jess' plaiting for Horzehoods Australia:


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