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It’s that time of year again, Christmas: when life is filled with joy and goodwill…and anxiety! Trying to find useful, beautiful presents that will delight the loved recipient can be confusing, time consuming and entirely exhausting! And if you’re shopping for a horse lover, the margins for error are great (especially if you’re non-horsey). But never fear! Our comprehensive list provides great gift ideas for child, teen and adult equestrians for every budget.

The Child Equestrian:

Casual Jodhpurs

Children can be so hard on their riding clothes, what with the rough and tumble of pony life. Plus, jodhpurs are stylish enough to wear as pants away from the stables too. Aim for good quality fabrics in bright colours and fun prints, such as Peter Williams Unicorn Printed Pull-On Jodhpurs. Definitely a winner! 

Children's Unicorn Printed Jodhpurs by Peter Williams

Hair Accessories
Bows are big this season, gracing many a show ring with their cuteness. Even if the child rider you’re shopping for doesn’t compete, they’ll be very taken by colourful ribbons that can be matched to their riding outfits. A variety of show bows and hair accessories are available at your local saddlery.

Helmet Cover
This is a great one because helmet covers can magically transform a shabby helmet into one of show quality, without the cost. They are also available in some really bright colours and designs.

Helmet Cover

Horse Calendar
Children love it because the beautiful horse picture changes every month. Their parents will love it because there’s a chance it will instill organizational skills in their offspring. Everyone’s happy.

Embroidered Saddle Pad
What could be more adorable than a brand new pony sized (if they ride a pony, full if it’s a horse) saddle pad, especially if the pony or child’s name is embroidered on it?! There’s no chance of it getting mixed up with someone else’s and coaches love it in group lesson situations.

Horse Toys
Brands such as Schleich and Breyer are the most popular and can be found at most saddleries and toy shops. The prices vary depending on the pack you fancy, but usually range from $15 to… umm, I’d rather not say.

Show Jodhpurs
Think something like Peter Williams Show Full Seat Jodhpurs. If the child competes, they’ll be stoked to look so professional. And even if the child doesn’t compete yet, it’s great to have a more formal pair of jods for special occasions like lessons and Pony Club.

Children's show jodhpurs


Chaps are great because they provide extra leg grip and, as children are not usually in top boots yet, stabilizing the position of the lower leg. Usually they’re available in children’s sizes in suede or leather and starting at around $30. Check out your local saddlery.


There’s a huge range of colours available in HorzeHood products, so the only tricky thing will be deciding which one your special child will like most!


Polo Shirt
Comfortable, stylish and a great equestrian brand, an Earlwood Polo Shirt will end up being their most worn shirt.

Children's Polo Shirts

The Teen Equestrian:

Competition Breeches
A rider can never have too many breeches! A classy pair of breeches for competitions says, “I support you and care about your goals.” Awww!

Competition Breeches for Teens
Skin/Make-up Remover Wipes
More useful than you’d expect, wipes are awesome after a long, dusty day out with the horses. Buy two packs.

Show Shirt
Every junior rider needs a new shirt for competition, lessons or clinics. Always. They have a mysterious way of staining by the third use. It could be horse make-up. It could be Black-It. It could be chocolate. No one really knows.

There are so many different belts available for riders and they’re loved by all. Go leather for classic and classy or weave for colourful and fun.

Proper equestrian socks that can be worn with boots over breeches or jodhpurs. They come in a range of colours that can be matched with shirts, saddlepads, bandages, browbands etc. It brings a level of satisfaction that only a teenage rider can understand.

Equestrian Socks
Horse Art
Who wouldn’t love a pretty horse adorning their bedroom wall?! The teenage years are the time to indulge this whim.

Everyday Breeches/Jodhpurs
A selection of smart breeches or jodhpurs can inspire the junior rider to emulate their equestrian hero in their training sessions. Encourage this. Try Gel Seat Pull On Jodhpurs with Phone Pocket.

gel seat jodhpurs


Horse Camp
Many coaches offer a Summer riding camp experience during the holidays. It’s a great way to make new friends who share the same passion. Plus, it gets them out of your hair for a couple of days.

It covers the helmet hair for when they’re not in the saddle, looks fab and is sun smart. Earlwood caps come in great colours that can be matched with their polo shirts, if you’re feeling generous.

Equestrian Cap

Gift Card
Every teenager has a secret wish list, so a gift card will always be a winner!

The Adult Equestrian

Stock & Pin

An adult equestrian can go years and years without replacing their riding stock. It’s a very thoughtful gift and can be personalized by picking out a stock-pin that matches their style.

Show stock
Spa Treatment/Massage
It may not always appear to the non-horsey person, but riding is very physically demanding. Some relaxation time away from the stables would be very appreciated.

Everyday Breeches/Jodhpurs
Like we said before, a rider can never have too many breeches or jodhpurs! The pants of adult riders are usually a disgrace with more holes than fabric. Do them and everyone else a favor! You can't go wrong with Denim Pull On Breeches.

Ladies Denim Pull On Breeches

Professional Photoshoot
An adult rider can never have too many photos of their beloved equine friends. And every time they look at the photos, they’ll be reminded of you. Just lovely.


It’s an unwritten rule, but if an adult wears some form of riding pants they also wear jeans. This is one gift that will never be regifted!

Ladies jeans

Head Torch

Adult riders are always mucking around with horses in the very early morning hours or late at night. Feeding, plaiting, hooking up the float will be so much easier if both hands are free.

Competition Breeches

Nothing makes a rider feel more glamorous than a new, flash pair of breeches like Show Full Seat Breeches. This is a gift that says, "I love that you do what you love." Look for quality fabrics in white, beige or cream.

Competition breeches

Tickets to Equestrian Event

Start listening for clues such as, “I would love to go to so-and-so’s clinic”, or “one day I’ll make it to Adelaide Three Day Event”, or “wouldn’t it be great to go to Equitana?” If nothing like this is forthcoming, you can’t go wrong with WEG… Florida here we come!

Personalised Show Rug
Have a beautiful show rug, such as Earlwood’s Black Label, embroidered with their name, horse’s name or business (if it’s horse-related). This would be so unbelievably special to the adult equestrian.

show rug

Gift Card
Not as crass as giving cash, everyone knows exactly what they want for Christmas. So a gift card might just be the perfect solution.

We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration about what to gift the special horse rider in your life. Many of these suggestions are interchangeable across the age categories so if you’re still lost, check out the other lists. And if all else fails, a new pony will probably do the trick!
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