The 'disastrous' rug pile

27TH Mar, 2020

The 'disastrous' rug pile

Is this your place?? Be honest now...


It's time to clean up & get organised!

How long have we all just added rugs to the pile and said - I'll clean that up another day? Much the same as house work really if we're honest...

Problem being if we end up self isolating at home for a while we'll no longer have the excuse of no time...

Just like the ironing pile stashed in the corner of your house, we all have that 'disaster' rug pile - a growing mound of rugs and hoods that need washing, sorting and/or literally binning!

 This weekend:

Sieze the day, put on your favourite tunes, and sort those rugs - there's bound to be some there that are more 'repair' than rug, or those ones where you literally can't imagine how a horse could demolish a rug so completely yet come out of it entirely or at least relatively unscathed.

 If you complete the clean up and decide that you actually really need some MORE rugs in your life - because let's face it, we always do - then check out some of the rugs on our website and treat Mr or Mrs Ed to some new 'matchy matchy', or stock up for your next show.

Besides - is it really a chore when it involves horses?
Imagine the sense of satisfaction you'll have when you're finished!


The 'Roll-Rear-Shake' Test:


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