Tamara Patch - The Covid Edition

29TH Jun, 2020

Tamara Patch - The Covid Edition

We recently asked our Sponsored Riders to tell us about their equine experiences during Covid. Now it's Tammy's turn!


Cheers to Corona!

2020 has certainly been one to remember. Some would say it has been terrible that everything has been cancelled, but I honestly have not had too much to complain about. I am a stay at home mum with horses, so lockdown was normal (except for the toilet paper debacle at the shops).

I was prepping horses for eventing and royal shows just prior to all events being cancelled. Once restrictions were put in place, I honestly lost motivation and put the horses in the paddock and just kept looking after them as normal and had a corona break, so we were all in show condition, and not fit eventing condition. Yes there was disappointment that my young horses were missing competitions, especially after having a baby and time out from having 24/7 morning sickness for the 9 months and recovery from birth. However I enjoyed the time off that normally is our Agricultural Show season and the start of the eventing comps with my little girl, Madison, who has been growing up so fast. Also, we (my husband Todd and I) have been flat out working on our new property fencing, land developments, planting trees, and currently building a big shed and so much more to come. Consequently, my ‘spare time’ has been pretty full on.

However, I was missing the horses so started to plan to do some online comps. I would get all excited to do it, then I would just be like nah could not be bothered so only did a few, which I did enjoy. The online shows were well supported and think it may be a new trend for the future of horse competitions, but you still cannot beat the atmosphere of a regular show.

It has been a good break for myself and the horses, and has allowed me to refocus on my riding and how the horses were going, instead of just competition work like riding tests and workouts etc. I have finally painted my jump rails that I had been procrastinating over for the last year and a half. Have washed, repaired, sorted and stored all my horse rugs, dusted off the leather and given all my gear a good clean. With my spare days I have been heading to my parent’s property to handle the youngsters which normally would be hard with comp prep and Madison.

Likewise I have been working with a few of my horses with their dislikes to get them comfortable and more trusting towards things, which I have found very hard to do and also didn’t want to be put in a dangerous situation when I was pregnant and had a newborn baby in the pram, now Madison is 1, and happy to sit in the pram out of the road while I work safely and quietly with the horses.

With my spare time the horse gear sales have been fabulous with everyone cleaning out their unwanted or overstocked cupboards, plus some amazing sales with suppliers (may have added a few extra items to the tack room!). I know there have been some great deals at www.pwra.com.au for horse and rider.

With restrictions starting to ease the horses are coming back into work again. I have entered for my first show in July and have written a list of training days and competitions that are scheduled to go ahead for the rest of 2020.

So even with 2020 having a bit of a rough start there is plenty of good things that have come from it and I am looking forward to finishing the year with a bang.

Tammy Patch

Sponsored Rider Profile: https://pwra.com.au/pages/sponsored-rider-tamara-bondfield

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  • Karen Burraston: September 15, 2020

    Beautifully written Tammy. You certainly are a credit to the industry. I love following your posts, keep it up. Photo shoot absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to you and Claire. 🖐

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