Roxbys - the versatile pants - for Equestrians, Professionals, Mums and more!

18TH Feb, 2021

Roxbys - the versatile pants - for Equestrians, Professionals, Mums and more!

We explore the diversity of the PW Roxby Pants with Angela:

Angela Hames is a hobby rider who loves participating in training days and low level eventing competitions. She is a mother of three teenagers and is a teacher at a Technical College, which limits the time spent at the stables riding and fussing over her beloved horses, Jess and Jazz. To make the most of her time at the stables, Angela loves wearing clothes that will see her through a whole day without having to carry around two sets of clothing.

For example during the week, she chooses riding apparel that can double up as work wear in the day and riding pants in the afternoon, such as PW Roxby Pants. On weekends Angela can’t go past the Earlwood Tracky Jods. In between BBQ duties at school footy and drop-offs to mates’ houses, Angela is dressed and ready to escape to the stables to enjoy some ‘me’ time with her best friends and catch up on the latest gossip!

 1. How long have you been using Roxby Pants?

A few weeks now.

2. Do you keep the Roxby Pants strictly for shows or do you use them at home as well?

I use them 3 times a week and just at the stables.

3. What other colours would you like to see added to this style?

I love black, it goes with everything but I would like other colours as well. For example, I wouldn’t mind burgundy/wine and am looking forward to the navy.

4. What discipline do you use them in?

I participate in low level eventing, on a thoroughbred and an appaloosa. I use the pants for training in the arena; flatwork and some jumping.

Peter Williams Roxby Western Pants

5. How do you find the Roxby Pants fit?

Perfect fit for me – size 12 and lovely high waist. Even though high waist, they don't look like Harry High Pants, the cut is lovely and shapely.

6. The Roxby Pants are made from high-quality, high content Cotton blend fabric. Are you satisfied with the material, in terms of breathability and durability etc?

The fabric is very comfortable, not too thin but not bulky or heavy either. It gives with movement and does not seem to lose its shape.

7. After much wearing and washing, how would you describe the Roxby Pants?

I have only been using them for a few weeks, but so far so good.

8. What is your favourite thing about the Roxby Pants?

They can double up as work wear and stable pants.

I love the detail on the front and back pockets. It adds a little bling without being overbearing. These pants are great. I dress them up with heels and a nice top for work then after 5 put on my riding boots and vest and head off to the stables. They fit well and the fabric is lovely.

I've been looking for a riding pant that I can wear to work for ages and just stumbled across your Roxbys. Thank you!

Peter Williams Roxby Western Pants


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