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Hi, I'm Tess Merson.

To give you a little background, I've been riding and competing on horses for as long as I can remember. As a Junior and Young Rider, I was keen on eventing and trained several horses to 3*** level. Like many aspiring young riders, I funded myself by riding trackwork and working in the Thoroughbred industry. These days, my husband and I are keen amateur show jumpers and lately I have been dabbling in dressage. 

As horses have been the major focus of my life, my riding wardrobe is quite extensive. When it comes to equestrian clothing and riding apparel, I'm not a brand purist.

I've worn everything from Peter WilliamsKingsland, Animo Italia, PS of Sweden, HKM to Cavalli Puri

As long as the clothes fit well and look good, I'm in!

Author, Tessa Merson

When I first saw Peter Williams Gel Seat Gripper Breeches, I must admit, I was curious. Since I was a little girl hacking about on a fat, grey, Welsh pony, I’ve favoured suede full seat jodhpurs and breeches. Being a traditionalist yet open-minded, the gel seat piqued my interest. And as all my other breeches were in various stages of demise (holes in the knees, why always the knees?!)

I figured I'd better see what all the hype was about




And you know what, I was really glad that I did. So glad, in fact, that I think I’m a convert to the gel seat. Along with everyone else. When I started observing what other riders were wearing at jumping training days and dressage club days, gel seats seemed to dominate. I guess other riders, like me, appreciate the gel seat because it’s not as stiff as a full suede seat. You can move more freely and comfortably. Plus, I really like how my bottom and thighs look in these breeches (very important), as the criss cross gel design is flattering without being over-the-top. Thus, I have been riding a great deal in these Gel Seat Gripper Breeches (ok, I've flogged them!) over the last three months and amazingly, I can't see any wear in the fabric or gel...Winning!  


Rear view of woman wearing Peter Williams Gel Seat Gripper Breeches in beige

The other feature I was interested in with these breeches was the phone pocket. I have never ridden with a phone in my pocket, I wasn’t entirely convinced it was necessary to do that. In fact, in the first few weeks of having these breeches I didn’t even use the phone pocket, which was fine because you wouldn’t even know the pocket was there.

But then one day I was riding a young horse when there was no one about and I thought, “You know what, I could well fall off today. Let’s ride with the phone, just in case.” Luckily I didn’t fall off that time, but you just never know, right? So now I usually keep my phone with me, albeit on Silent. In the pocket, my phone doesn’t bounce around like I expected it would. I’ve jumped with my phone in that pocket and it doesn’t move at all. I actually forget that it’s there and then spend ages looking for it. This happens more often than I would care to admit!


Phone Pocket feature available in Peter Williams Gel Seat Gripper Breeches

Peter Williams Gel Seat Gripper Breeches are perfect for competing up to medium level dressage, hacking, showjumping and cross-country. As they’re comfortable and easy care, they’re great for everyday riding as well. It’s nice to look nice even if you’re just mucking out boxes at home. And at less than $100, that’s an achievable goal!


Exciting News! Peter Williams has recently released Gel Seat Gripper Breeches in work colours. These riding pants are super flattering and come in Navy, Black & Grey. View at:

Rear view of rider wearing Peter Williams Gel Seat Gripper Breeches in beige




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