Multitalented Emily reviews our Tamworth Riding Jeans

13TH Jul, 2021

Multitalented Emily reviews our Tamworth Riding Jeans

Emily is an accomplished horsewoman across multiple disciplines. In the wee hours of the morning, she braves the cold and dark to ride track work. During the day she is an equine vet nurse, looking after your precious horses. And of a weekend, if she’s not at the races strapping, you can find her riding or showing Leo, her home bred, home broken and home trained ASH, or onboard Honey, her beautiful OTT Thoroughbred.

Emily and Leo, Australian Stock Horse

Emily & Leo, her ASH, at The Ekka.

The below video gives you a sneak peak behind the scenes at the Tamworth Jeans photo shoot and shows just how real the scenario is for our Peter Williams models, even catching, rugging and unrugging horses for us in their white outfits - eeek! 

Peter Williams Tamworth Denim Jeans 

 After Emily had modelled the Tamworth White Denim Riding Jeans for us, and had some time to wear them and test them out, we later asked for her opinion on these new release pants:

What was your first impression?


What is your favourite feature?

The high waist. It makes them so flattering and makes your legs appear longer.

How would you describe the waist height?

Perfect, my shirt doesn’t come untucked, which I find so annoying normally.

Describe the feel of them/of the fabric:

Perfect amount of stretch, soft to touch like moleskins.

Do you feel they are true to size?

I think they’re perfect, and flexible due to stretch.

What will you be wearing them for?

Competition – my ASH classes.

What can you see others wearing them for?

ASH competition, polo-x, and probably for social outings!

Anything else to add?

They honestly are so great, they are so comfy and flattering!


Emily and Honey Toast in Peter Williams show breeches.

Emily and Honey


Emily riding track work in the wee hours in her Earlwood Winter Tights!

Emily track work


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