Hana's lifesaving Peter Williams Jodhpur experience!

17TH Feb, 2021

Hana's lifesaving Peter Williams Jodhpur experience!

We recently had a chat with Hana Reiter-Trefry after a frightening fall off her horse, and learnt more about how her Peter Williams Gel Seat Pull On Jods with Phone Pocket came to her rescue and enabled her to call her own Ambulance!

"I have always loved the Peter Williams brand. I bought my 1st pair of P.W. breeches 30 years ago, when I was a trackwork rider. I still have that pair!

About a year ago, I got back into riding, so that I could ride with with my 15 year old daughter and I decided to treat myself to a brand new pair of P.W. jodhpurs. I purchased a navy pair of Gel Seat Pull On Jodhpurs with a phone pocket. The phone pocket design looked like a brilliant idea.

Little did I know that the phone in my pocket would be there for more than just selfies…

On the 1st Tuesday in November, 2020, the phone in my pocket literally became my LIFELINE!

During our leisurely bush ride my young horse spooked, dumped me, and galloped off into the distance. I landed on my knee and dislocated my artificial hip. In pain and unable to move, I sent my daughter after the run-away. In the meantime, (thanking my lucky stars and P.W.), I reached into the pocket for my phone and dialed 000.

  1. Hana's x-ray

Paramedics arrived not long after. Unfortunately, despite my protests, they insisted on cutting my lifesaving riding apparel off me.

But all is well that ends well. My young horse was sent to a trainer to learn some manners. My hip joint was put back where it belonged and after a short stint in hospital with some intensive rehabilitation, I am back in the saddle!

Thanks to P.W. I am riding in my new pair of joddies with the all important phone pocket being one of my favourite things about these jods. Bright pink this time to make me smile - or to make me more visible in tall grass in the middle of a paddock...

  1. Peter Williams Gel Seat Pull On Jodhpurs with Phone Pocket

All I can say is… I have been a massive fan of Peter Williams Riding Apparel for over 30 years. They are good quality, comfortable, fit well, and give me extra peace of mind whenever I’m in the saddle. (All things the paramedics ignored as they cut them off me, ha ha.)

And... the moral of my story is:

1. Never ride without a riding buddy.

2. Make sure that your phone is on you, not your horse!

I am now without my favourite navy jodhpurs, but I am happy to have been found, and am loving the pink instead. Thank you Peter Williams for a brilliant design."

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  • Jean Koek: March 02, 2021

    Hannah hope I’m contacting you. I’ve just got a dual mobility hip – wondering what you think of them ! I’m now aware they can pop out !

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