Getting to Grips with Gel Seat Gripper Breeches

31ST Mar, 2021

Getting to Grips with Gel Seat Gripper Breeches

As a competitive eventer and dedicated producer of young horses, PWRA sponsored rider Tamara Patch appreciates quality breeches that not only look smart but also assist in her daily riding. Here, Tam discusses her favourite work breeches - Peter William's Gel Seat Gripper Breeches. 




1. How long have you been using the Gel Seat Gripper Breeches?
I have used them since they first came out, I have three pairs! 

2. Do you keep your Gripper Breeches strictly for shows or do you use them at home as well?
I use them at home mostly but will wear them for lessons also.

3. What is your favourite colour in this style and what other colours would you like to see added?
I love the black and navy work colours. I would like to try out these breeches in competition colours too.

4. What discipline do you use them for?
I mostly do hacking and eventing. However, I ride in them at home when I'm breaking-in and training.
5. How do you find the Gripper Breeches fit? 
I love the fit! They sit at mid-waist and are not too firm around my  lower leg (I’m tall so some breeches come up higher on my calf which can cut in) .
6. Gel Seat Gripper Breeches are made from a high-quality stretch cotton fabric. Are you satisfied with the material?
I wear them everyday, except wash day! The sticky is really nice, it’s there but not slippery or over grippy. 
7. After much wearing and washing, how would you describe these breeches?  
I wash mine when they are dirty, so maybe once or twice a week? They do fade slightly after a few months wear/wash.
8. What is your favourite thing about Gel Seat Gripper Breeches? 
The comfort, grip and fit!  And they have a good sized phone pocket!! Winning! 


Peter William's Gel Seat Gripper Breeches are available in work colours (Navy, Black & Grey) as well as competition colours (Cream, Beige & White) with sizes ranging from Ladies Sizes 6 to 20.
 Please visit for further details or to purchase.


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