'Gentry Park Take Note' - The Covid Edition

16TH Jun, 2020

'Gentry Park Take Note' - The Covid Edition

We recently asked our Sponsored Riders to tell us about their equine experiences during Covid. First cab off the rank is Sara Osaulenko and 'Take Note'.


Sara Osaulenko:

What are we doing - are we training during covid?

Wow, who would have thought we would be living through this right? It is very upsetting to read how many people have lost their lives and still are, and to hear about those still battling this dreadful disease. From March I have been off work due to Covid 19. Stood down from work, during that time, many days were spent at home basically hibernating trying to keep my family safe. I must say I am very thankful I own horses, as I found that to be my escape.

During this extra spare time I have used it to my advantage, Take Note has been in full work, and stabled daily, I have been working with my coach to further educate and have Note at the top of his game, so once shows commence we are more then ready. 


Do I feel Covid has changed our future?

I feel that Covid did change the horse world. There have been so many changes and some not so good ones. Many people and businesses have suffered, but I like to stay positive and feel it was only a pause and we will recover and bounce back, I believe it will be back to normal in no time.


What do I miss? 

I definitely miss showing, as we finished our last few shows (December), winning EA Nationals in VIC.

Winning champion show Hunter Galloway Canberra Royal (January), and that’s when the world literally turned upside down. 

I was looking forward to Note's first Sydney Royal and First Grand Nationals etc but that came to a sudden halt so that was a little disappointing.

I guess we will be there next year and Note will go in even stronger, having had more time to mature.

Definitely missing the Ag Shows - to think we won’t be attending any this year is crazy and I also missing seeing my friends at the shows.


How I feel about the EA news?

Between SHC and EA, I try not to get to involved. I have the attitude of what will be will be, I just focus on Note and being the best he can be.


I must say I am glad the restrictions have started lifting, although those extras kgs are still with me, he he. 

We have attended some clinics of late which has been great to get out and about. 

We are now focusing on the upcoming shows, if they are to still go ahead, being Pacific Coast and EA HOTY.

We will look forward to attending those, but business as usual here for now, and the training will be ongoing until then. I live through photos, lol, serial poster on FB, and tonight I was watching the EA Nationals video. It definitely brought a tear to my eye re-living that special moment/win, as I am just so proud of what this young horse has achieved in such a short career. 

I am looking forward to getting him back out in the ring.

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  • Lynda Hayes: June 22, 2020

    Great read. Congratulations on a super year.

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