Managing Busy Show Days & the Lead Up, with Lisa Holohan

04TH Sep, 2018

Managing Busy Show Days & the Lead Up, with Lisa Holohan

Hi, I'm Lisa Holohan from Holovale Arabians up here in Sunny QLD.

Most of our shows have a bit of notice so we start training the horses in accordance to what is coming up. For example, if we have a dressage day coming up, train the movements needed in those tests, or if it’s a show, practice some workouts etc...

 I LOVE lists, so there will be a list of what to pack before we leave, for both Darian and I and every horse that is going.  I then cross everything off as I pack.

 Top of the list is our Peter Williams Breeches. I especially love the high waisted Dressage Breeches in the ring and Darian's favourite is the new Gel Seat breeches!

 If we are camping away at a show, we always arrive as early as possible to settle the horses in and set up camp. 

 If it is a day event, we leave super early so we are not rushed when we get there.

 If the horses need a ride or a lunge before we start, we will have plenty of time if we get there early.

 For the big shows like Aussie Champs or East Coast (we travel to Sydney for these), our most important must have is our white board!

These kinds of shows usually have both of us riding, with at least 2 or 3 horses, so time management is essential. And everyone needs to know who is riding which horse, when, what ring, what gear is needed etc, so the white board is filled out the night before so we are ready and know who is doing what each day!

 Each horse has its own rug bag and bridle bag. The bridle bags have their work bridle, show bridle/s, false tail and anything else needed for that horse such as spurs, spare browbands, hunter browbands etc.

 Gear needs to be cleaned before the show and often each night when the show goes for a few days. We usually make gear cleaning a bit social and have a drink or chat with our friends that we camp with whilst we get the jobs done - after all, we are supposed to be having fun at these events too!     

 We don't have a huge team compared to some, but we are usually both on horses with no strappers, so we must be organized.

 We have a team of mostly young horses at the moment, so nothing really ever goes to plan, but we try to do the best we can and have fun with our horses!

  Remember, if it all goes out the window and nothing goes how you plan, it doesn't matter! There is always another show and one of my favourite quotes is "Our goal is not to be better than anyone else, it is to be better than we were yesterday".  

  We all have good days, we all have bad, we just need to keep smiling, keep trying and above all enjoy our ponies!

 Happy riding! Lisa xx


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