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03TH Mar, 2020

Enter At A In Style
Tessa Merson

Hi, I’m Tessa Merson. Even though I’ve been competing for over 25 years and the glittering achievement of riding Grand Prix Dressage, World Cup Jumping or 5* Eventing has eluded me (there’s still time!), I always feel so grateful to be able to compete. One peculiar observation I’ve made in this time is that if I’m well turned out, I sit taller and ride better. There’s been extensive research in this area and the upshot, it’s a confidence thing. If you look like a professional, it can inspire you to ride like a professional.

Of course, there are many riding apparel brands that promise their products will deliver that professional look: Ariat, Schokemohle, Stockholm Equestrian, Kieffer and Kingsland but to name a few. But how do you know - before parting with your hard earned cash – if a particular pair of breeches or jodhpurs will ultimately help you shine in the ring and not be disappointingly uncomfortable or downright inhibitive? For this Blog, I wanted to test out if professional-looking breeches can deliver in terms of comfort and practicality; can in fact help your performance when it counts. With their timeless elegance, I couldn’t go past Peter Williams Ladies Dressage Breeches.

First Impressions…
I bought my first pair at my local Horseland Store. I had seen photos of these Peter Williams Ladies Dressage Breeches online and thought they looked lovely. Plus, I desired a pair of breeches that were exactly the right shade of cream to match an old cream stock I have (makes sense right…buy a brand new pair of breeches to match a decrepit $30 stock?) I detest trying clothes on in shops, I’m not sure if anyone else suffers from this weird affliction, but it can be very inconvenient. However, following the guidelines on the Peter Williams webpage, I went up a size. Trying them on at home, they fitted a treat…success!

In Action…
Don’t be deceived by the name, these breeches are suitable for most disciplines. I wear Peter Williams Dressage Breeches to compete in dressage, but also jumping and hacking. They create a lovely, slimming silhouette with and without a jacket. I often receive admiring comments about these breeches, which is nice for the ego – they look great on! However, handsome is as handsome does and I am delighted to report that these breeches deliver in terms of functionality. I attribute this to several key features:

  • The Fabric & Tailoring

As the fabric used in these breeches is very high quality, they feel very luxurious to wear. There is quite a bit of give in the material itself, which allows the breeches to contour to your body. The careful tailoring of these breeches means that, though the fabric may flex, there is no sagging behind the knees or crotch (quite common in some brands and definitely not a good look!). Another thing I’ve noticed is that often high-end competition breeches are so hot. Is it because the dominating brands are usually European so it’s not a consideration for cold climates? I’m not sure. But I’m so relieved to find a first-class competition breech that takes our hot Australian climate into account. These Dressage Breeches stay cool and comfortable.

  • The High Back Feature Waist Band

This is the feature I love most about this product! The back of these breeches have an elevated cut with an inverted peak design. It creates a very sophisticated look. But beyond being beautiful, the high waist is also practical. Untucked shirt tails be gone! I find it helps me sit straighter too. Also, if you have a curvaceous midsection, the high waistline binds and supports.

  • Square Suede Seat

The suede used for the full seat of these breeches, extending down the length of the inside leg, is of the highest quality and is beautifully soft and pliant. I love how it is square cut over one’s bottom, as it has a slimming effect and is a little bit different to the regular round seat that is most commonly available. I really appreciate how easy it is to wash these breeches as a whole, but the suede in particular. Often it can be impossible to remove stains from suede. But I just soak these breeches and put them in a cold wash with like colours and they come up like new.

Test Ride - Ladies Dressage Breeches

A Word On Tails…
It is such a shame when a rider reaches the level where tails are required, only to have the whole effect wrecked by wearing breeches that sit too low, allowing bits of shirt around the tummy to show. It is so important to wear high-waist breeches with tails in order to convey a polished, professional look.

In Conclusion…
The Peter Williams Dressage Breeches are classic to look at and practical to ride in. Thus, they allow riders - whether professional or amateur - to look their best, to feel their best, to compete at their best. They are available in White, Beige and Cream in sizes ranging from Ladies 8 to Ladies 18.

To purchase or view online, visit:  https://pwra.com.au/collections/peter-williams-ladies-collection/products/dressage-breeches-ladies

To buy in-store, find your local stockist: https://pwra.com.au/apps/store-locator 

Test Ride - Ladies Dressage Breeches


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